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  Legal Form of Business

       UFO Restaurant, Inc. was incorporated in the state of New Jersey in 1995.
  Mission Statement

Ultimate Family Outing shall be the premier restaurant providing a combination of dining, bar service and entertainment in a distinctive and unique environment. Offering good food in an exciting, visually attractive atmosphere, the outer space theme shall be carried out in the saucer-shaped, patented architecture of the building and carried through to the large, simulated interior window that appears to offer the view from a moving space ship. The combination of this highly
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developed theme with excellent, affordable dining and an unusually large selection of high-tech video, virtual reality and other entertainment options will make UFO a "must see" for out-of-town visitors and a popularly frequented location for local adults, families, and large group events.      

Concept History

     In 1991, Mario Monaco attempted to pursue a restaurant idea based on the Star Trek theme. Unfortunately, when he approached Paramount for trademark permission, he was denied. He decided to broaden the concept to a general space theme and use the name Ultimate Family Outing(UFO).

         The Company plans a concept similar to the successful Dave & Buster's Restaurant that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Dave & Buster's is a 70,000 square foot restaurant offering video and virtual reality games. UFO's concept is similar but with a highly defined outer space theme and a broader selection of entertainment options.

Business Description

        The key to UFO's operating strategy is its distintive concept; its comfortable, adult atmosphere; and its high quality dining, bar service and entertainment attractions. UFO will maintain a strict policy regarding children. Families are welcome, but children must be accompanied by their parents, and they are not allowed after 10:00PM.. The Company believes that this policy helps to maintain the type of pleasant, relaxed atmosphere that appeals to adult customers and allows the Company to attract groups such as private parties and business organizations.

  The Patented UFO Restaurant Building

      Simulating a flying saucer, the building itself announces the strong outer space theme of the restaurant. Glass-domed and lighted like a waiting spaceship with a small trail of exhaust, the approach to the building becomes part of the experience. Accessible with plenty of parking, the 50,000 square foot facility will have two separate levels for the dining and entertainment pleasure of its patrons.

      Once inside, the look of the spaceship is maintained with a big, open look on both levels. On the first level, the kitchen, open for viewing, will be located in the center of the building. On the second level, the bar and short order kitchen will occupy the center. This gives the desired visual effect while cutting travel time from the bar and kitchen to restaurant patrons. The building will contain dining areas, areas for private parties, sections with tables, arcade and visual reality games, ride simulations, etc.

      The most distinctive feature of the interior will be Las Vegas-type moving lights across the ceiling, and a simulated window that appears to offer a view from a moving spacecraft: taking off again. The space theme will be heightened with decor that includes items that seem to be from a space ship placed about the dining and entertainment areas and around the kitchen, and uniforms will be made to seem like space suits.

godeyes.jpg (65920 bytes) Cuisine and Bar
Full menu and complete bar service will be available daily from early
lunch to  late night, with style and menu names oriented to reflect  the outer space theme. Food and beverages will be available in any section of the building. UFO will offer an extensive menu, individually prepared and moderately priced from $5.95 to $18.95 with most entrees in the $8.95 to $10.95 range and a $7-$8 kids menu. UFO expects the average individual tab to be $20.

       The menu will be international, featuring quality selections from filet mignon to hamburgers, gourmet pastas, individually-sized pizza, seafood, steak and chicken. The menu will also feature a wide variety of appetizers, soups and salads.

       The full bar service will include over 20 different beers, an extensive wine collection, and non-alcoholic beverages. UFO will offer catering for special events, and plans specials for different nights featuring the cuisine of various nationalities.

Events and Entertainment Features

    Events are planned such as star search contests, karaoke sing-alongs, murder mystery dinners, super bowl parties, and other sports events such as World Championship fight night.

    High-tech games--   High energy escapist entertainment: a wide selection of interactive video games, virtual reality games  and sports oriented games will be offered. Simulators include off-road vehicles, formula race cars, fighter jets, and         motorcycles. High-tech games are operated by tokens purchased from UFO by the customer.
     Classic carnival-style games--  These include the kind of games typically found at county fairs, such as sports-oriented games of skill and race games. Customers play and win coupons for UFO memorabilia.

    Table games and other traditional games-- Quality tables and a clean, comfortable atmosphere will be provided for  such things as pocket billiards and shuffleboard.


      The Company is committed to high standards of customer service, extensive training of staff, availability and the easy
accessibility of customer service in the entertainment as well as the restaurant and bar areas.

     Transparent to the customer but nevertheless part of providing premium service, all operations and transactions will be
monitored and supported by a specialized computer system.

Benefits And Risks
      The primary strengths of UFO Restaurant, Inc. are:

  • The management team is professional, profit-oriented, and experienced in all areas of the proposed business.
  • While patterned after the popular Dave & Buster's, UFO's space theme, distinctive internal and external architecture,
    and broader variety of entertainment features set it apart as unique and position it favorably against its
  • The Company believes that its strongest promotion will come from referrals, as satisfied patrons relate their
    experiences to others.
  • The restaurant will  offer an attractively priced menu with a variety to please any customer's need or taste.
  • The Company is committed to quality and excellent customer service.
      UFO Restaurant, Inc. has done all the preliminary research and development and is poised to finalize its site selection and begin construction of its facilities immediately upon funding.

      The only notable weakness at this time is the lack of capital necessary to expand the Company's scope of operations. However, UFO Restaurant, Inc. believes that its concept and products make the Company an attractive prospect to investors, and that the Company's successful expansion into the market is imminent.   UFO Restaurant, Inc. is confident that significant revenue will
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be generated as operations gain momentum through both satisfied customers and extensive media exposure. This investment, as do all investments, involves certain risks. The more important risks are described below.

     Ability to Pay Operating Costs- Should the Company's capital be insufficient to service its debts, pay taxes and assessments, and other operating costs, such as manufacturing or marketing costs, the company will be required to seek additional funds. There can be no assurance that such funds will be available to the Company, or if available, on terms acceptable to the Company.

      Lack of Operating History- The Company has not yet begun operating and must be considered a start-up. UFO Restaurant, Inc. is still in the organizational phase. There is an absence of operation history. However, the key individuals involved in this project each have substantial industry and business background and experience to add to the Company.

      Competition- The Company anticipates facing some competition from other restaurants. However, based on the uniqueness of it, the extent to which it will be carried out, and the greater variety of entertainment options that will be offered, the Company believes it is positioned well ahead of its competition.

      Lack of Recognition- This problem will be overcome via a conventional advertising and public relations campaign that will position the restaurant as the premier dining/entertainment location, and a "must see" attraction.

     Return on Investment- No assurance can be given that an investor in the Company will realize a substantial return on investment, or any return at all, or will not lose his/her investment. For this reason, each prospective investor should read this Memorandum and its attached exhibits carefully and also consult with one's attorney, business advisor and/or tax consultant.

       Determination of Funding Amount- The amount of investment funds that are represented by this Memorandum was established solely by the Company determined by the Directors of the Company. Such price may bear no relationship to the assets or earning potential of the Company.

Strategic Advantages

       The Company management's network of contacts, and strong identification with and knowledge of the target market will stand the Company in good stead. Among the strategic advantages that the Company will enjoy at the outset of operations are:

  • UFO appeals to the growing market of young adults with discretionary income who wish to entertain and relax      away from home.

  • The Company will take advantage of the growing trend for combining dining and entertainment.

  • UFO is positioned to take advantage of conventions and other corporate and group needs.

  • The restaurant will be located at a high-profile site in a major metropolitan area with a population of at least 1 million.

Future Opportunities

   Opportunities exist for the sale of franchises and for the licensing of the UFO logo and name for various products.

Nova_Wind.jpg (8631 bytes) Exit Strategy

    Once established as a leader in the restaurant/video entertainment industry, the Company will continue to reinforce its position with  additional solicitations to advertisers, groups, tourist and event guilds and other sources of potential clients. The Company intends to provide its investors with liquidity within the first five years of the operations.Once the Company's plans for initial growth are in place and in full operation, it will be in a position to offer investors a variety of possible options for
selling their interests in the Company:

  • In the form of a cash buy-out: the Company is confident it can generate a substantial profit within the first several  years of operations, resolving any debt it may have, and giving investors the option to sell his/her interest in the Company at a significant gain.
  • In the form of a stock purchase: Should the Company wish to make cash funds available for the purpose of expansion, the Company has the option to sell stock options to willing buyers. The investor and the Company's management will both be in a position to receive a sizable sum of money and dissolve the partnership or roll over the investment into stock. The Company will have additional funding available should it choose to attract new business opportunities. One anticipated option for the Company is to make  a public stock offering in the fifth or sixth year of operations.

       The Company is confident it will make a significant impact on the dining/entertainment industry nationwide. With the capital investment requested, the Company will establish its operations, enhance its sales and marketing program, and generate considerable profits for all parties involved.
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                                                   Executive Summary                      Market Analysis

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