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Industry Overview

     The foodservice industry is very competitive, not only among operators
themselves but also with traditional competitors outside the industry. The supermarket, deli and convenice store compete for food dollars, and
many other markets compete for entertainment dollars. The amount of
food dollars spent away from home has risen over the years, but this
industry is tied to the disposable income that varies with economic changes.
The nature of its hypercompetition keeps this industry creative, flexible and

and responsive. While the fast food segment's strong suit is convenience, the full-service segment boasts its own competitive edge: ambience. The synthesis of architecture, decor, menu design  and other elements that create a particular mood or "theme" is the way a full-service restaurant can differntiate itself from its competitors.  In the 90's, Americans are increasingly viewing restaurants as "meeting places," not just eating places, and nearly two out of five adults say they are moving away from doing their entertaining at home. Statistics also show that consuners are choosing full-service restaurants as places to relax with their children. Surveys indicate that restaurant partiesfor young children are holding steady and parties for pre-teens are increasing. This means patrons are demanding more entertainment value for their dining-out dollars, preferring a restaurant environment that is stimulating and active. These new views are dictating changes in the foodservice industry. "Quick" and "cheap" are no longer the factors driving the consumer. To be competitive in today's industry, companies must have a tightly-defined concept that offers more than dining.
       One restaurant that has successfully captured consumer dollars is Dave & Buster's. Featuring video arcade games and other activities with the menu, its shares hit a 52-week high at the end of July, '97, and its highest performing location generated more than $20 million in annual revenue.
      With a 24% return on investment but stalled restaurant growth, Planet Hollywood seeks to become an "event" location by joining forces with movie-theater chain AMC Entertainment, Inc. to create "dinner and a movie" locations.
Refurbished AMC megaplex theaters will include the movie-themed Planet Hollywood restaurants and movie and
entertainment-based retail stores.
Similarly, U.S Restaurant develops "co-branded" sites, leasing adjacent real estate to gas station and resturant tenants. It reports finding this strategy to be more profitable than its core sale-leaseback business.
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       The Company is the brainchild of president Mario Monaco. Incorporated since 1995, UFO is currently in its research and planning stage. The Company will have a series of restaurant/entertainment complexes after the successful establishment of the first location.


        Mario Monaco is a seasoned veteran in the apparel industry, having owned and operated a number of his own firms. With his extensive business expertise, Mr. Monaco has added restaurant experience to the management team. Marcello Pisapia has experience with  restaurant management and Manuel Martins is a certified executive chef with over ten years in the restaurant industry. Two other unnamed individuals will serve in a business consulting capacity, and the Company weeks an additional member of the management team to round out its management expertise with arcade experience.The Company also plans to retain the services of a restaurant consulting firm to handle financial matters and to make suggestions as necessary.

Current Status

        The Company has completed most of the research and planning stages and is poised, up on funding, to move forward to finalize site selection for its first complex. The Company seeks a high profile site in a major metropolitan area with a population exceeding one million, including sufficient income levels to support such a complex. Under cosideration for its first complex are: New York City, South Carolina's Myrtle Beach, and North New Jersey's Meadowlands area.
      Other considerations will be visibility, accessibility, parking, zoning, regulatory restrictions, proximity to shopping and office complexes, tourist attractions and residential areas.  The Company will either lease or purchase the land and plans to be open within two years of funding.

        UFO name has been trademarked and the structure has been patented.

Proposed use of Funds

        The Company is seeking an investment of $7.5 million. Specifically, the requested capital will be used to sustain operating costs and to obtain land, construct the building, obtain licenses, purchase opening inventory, for necessary travel, and to pay promotion, legal and accounting fees.

        Revenues for the Company are projected to exceed $3 million in two years. At that time, the Company will have achieved its initial goals and investors can expect a significant return on their investment.

Investment Considerations

        As with any investment, it is imperative to weigh all the information carefully and discuss any questions with your attorney and/or accountant. No assurance can be given that an investor it the Company will realize a substantial return on investment, or any return at all. For this reason, all information should be read carefully, and all risks duly noted.

        UFO Restaurant, Inc. has developed a business concept that is innovative and aggressive; therefore, competition in the marketplace is initially expected to be minimal. The Company is currently poised to proceed with its plans of securing strategic partners for the construction of its facility and the marketing of its products and services. The growing trend for the combination of dining and entertainment and for identifiable themes will secure the Company's future position in the marketplace as a leader in its industry.


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