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Executive Staff

      The executive staff of Ultimate Family Outing restaurant brings management experience from both the restaurant industry and from general business. Experienced and professional, these businessmen

are profit-oriented and used to hard work. Expertise on the management staff also includes an experienced and certified executive chef.

        Morio J. Monaco will serve as president and has 33 years of successful management experience, most as owner/operator of his own businesses in the apparel industry. He is experienced in the operation of both union and non-union shops, in contract negotiations, in the purchase of machinery and equiptment, in hiring and training and in the securing of accounts.

        Marcello Pisapia will serve as vice president and brings restaurant general management experience to UFO. With experience in contract negotiations, employee supervision and training, marketing, promotion, and posting, he has also served in a management capacity in the apparel industry and is experienced in the area of employee benefits.

        Manuel Martins is a certified executive chef with over ten years in the restaurant industry. Experienced in the preparation of a wide variety of menus, Mr. Martins is also an experienced proprietor with knowledge in all aspects of the restaurant business, including organizing the dining and kitchen staffs, management of the food inventory, financial responsibility, facility ambience, public relations, and advertising.

Advisory Support Team

         The Company plans to retain the services of a restaurant consulting firm to handle financial matters and to make suggestions as necessary.

         UFO will use the experience and judgement of its founding members and the Company's future business and strategic partners and consultants to help it identify candidates suitable to fill additional management needs as they arise and to guide it in the interim. Specifically, expertise in the areas of arcade management will be sought to round out the abilities of the management staff.                             

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