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Financial Narratives and Assumptions

        These financial projections present, to the best of management's
knowledge and belief, the Company's expected financial position, results of operations, and cash flow for the first year of operations if it secures financing and attains the projected sales levels. The assumptions disclosed herein are those that management believes are significant to the projection. Furthermore, even if financing is obtained, and the projected levels of sales volume are attained,

there will usually be differences between projected and actual sales results, because events and circumstances frequently do not occur as expected, and those differences may be material.


      The objective of the Company is to achieve profitability within first two years of operations. The capabilities of the Company in dining/entertainment will allow the Company to penetrate this enormous and growing market in various locations throughout the country. The Company believes that its goals are conservative and achievable.

Financial Requirements Addressed

    UFO will provide a distinctive and highly desirable dining/entertainment experience. By initiating a detailed plan of operation, the Company will ensure it's leadership position in this industry. To maximize profits in this growth market establish its position, the Company is seeking a significant capital infusion. the requested investment in the amount of $7,500,000 will be used in the following categories and amounts:

Land $1,000,000
Building and Fixtures $6,000,000
Liquor License $250,000
Opening Inventory $75,000
Deposits (utilities, licenses, other) $30,000
Opening Promotion $140,000
Architect/Engineering $250,000
Accounting and Legal Fees $25,000
Travel $10,000
Working Capital $220,000
Total $8,000,000
Original Capital $500,000
Projected Investment $7,500,000
Total Sources of Cash $8,000,000
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Revenue and Profit Projections

   Sales forecasts for any business are typically derived from an estimate of the potential for penetrating an existing market. Such estimates are based on several factors, including the strength of the competition and the quality of the products. Revenues for the Company, based on anticipated costs and volume, are projected to reach $2 million per year within two years. The UFO management team has the drive, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit necessary to propel the Company to the front of the dining/entertainment industry. The Company expects to have its regional advertising and marketing network firmly in place within the first year following funding and be generating significant revenues at that time.

Pricing Strategies

    The Company will be a market organization. As such, it will listen and learn from the marketplace. Pricing for dining, bar service and entertainment attractions ill be based upon three factors:

       1. Prevailing rates
       2. Internal costs
       3. Customer demand

Pricing and Value

    Pricing will be determined through extensive research by the Company. With its extensive management and industry experience, foodservice/entertainment trends will be continually researched and monitored. With an experienced management team using effective advertisement to promote the Company's unique attractions, the necessary volume will be maintained for an affordable pricing structure of wide variety and appeal.

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